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Welcome to our Homewares & Gifts Department, where you'll find our wide range of quality bed linens and towels, wellbeing products, home accessories and giftware, available in-store and online.

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Our Service

Our friendly, expert team is on hand to help you select the perfect bed linen, towels, homeware or gifts. Whether it’s finding the right pillow for a perfect night’s sleep, taking you through our extensive range of top-quality collection of towels, or choosing the perfect wellbeing gift for someone special. Our range includes the renowned Christy towels and bed linen, as well as other top-quality brands like Sanderson, William Morris and Scion, plus many more. Our stock of home décor products is always changing, and our new collection of wellbeing gifts includes the popular Neom Pod and fragrance range, so pop in and speak to one of our friendly sales team today, they can’t wait to help you “love your home”. 

If you're interested in updating the look and feel of your home, we welcome you to contact us or visit our store in Suffolk today to shop our collection of home décor products and accessories.

Bed Linen, Duvets & Pillows

Our unrivalled collection of top quality bed linen includes duvets, pillows and duvet sets from many of the top brands,  so you'll be sure to find the perfect item.

Towels Collection

Available in a wide range of colours and sizes and styles, our collection of towels are all made from the best quality materials, ensuring they are both soft and absorbent.

Accessories & Gifts

Whether you're looking for something stylish to accessorise your home, or a beautiful gift for someone special, we're sure you'll find exactly what you're looking for.

Bed Linen, Duvets & Pillows

Let us help you enjoy a comfortable and stylish sleep with our wonderful selection of bed linen, duvets and pillows.
Our collection of plain and patterned cotton and luxury bed linens, along with our range of duvets, pillows, quilts, mattress protectors and duvet protectors are all made to the highest standards, in a wide variety of sizes, colours, materials and styles. Whether you’re looking for a new set of duvets and pillows, or are looking to brighten up your bedroom with new sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases, you’re sure to find what you need.
At Barretts, our bed linen comes in a wide variety of styles and designs. So whether you want to bring the natural world indoors, with our range of floral designs, or want to achieve a modern feel with a stunning geometric pattern, our range of top quality big brand bed linen is the perfect choice for any bedroom.
Whether you are looking for a new cosy duvet suitable for those cold winter nights, or something lighter for the summer season, single, double to king size, or from feather to synthetic materials, we've got it all. We have duvets and pillows that will make you feel comfortable throughout the year and during every season.
Add that little extra bit of comfort, style and finishing touch to your bedroom with our range of bedding accessories, whether something bespoke, like a designer fabric covered headboard or bolster pillow, or something from our range of scatter cushions, blankets & throws, mattress protectors and mattress toppers.

Towel Collection

At Barretts, you'll discover our fabulous selection of luxury towels, all beautifully crafted from highest quality cotton. Our towel sets offer comfort and softness, coupled with absorbency and warmth, and are available in a wide range of colours and designs. So whether you are looking to add something chic and vibrant to your bathroom or cloakroom, or want to head down to the beach in comfort and style, our collection of big brand towels are exactly what you are looking for.
Christy’s have been designing and making high quality towels since the 1850's, and their luxury bathroom collection is synonymous with both style and heritage, and have been designed to create a fresh new look in any bathroom or cloakroom.
Launched in 2015, Dock & Bay has grown up fast, and originally set out to create the ultimate quick dry beach towel. They now not only make that, but have a range of innovative, high quality, affordable and sustainable products for the home and beach.
Our range of classic William Morris arts and crafts inspired towels features an iconic look, with rich colours and beautiful botanical patterns. Soft and absorbent, they will add a timeless and luxurious finishing touch to any bathroom or cloakroom.

Accessories & Gifts

Our wide range of home accessories, wellbeing products and giftware will offer you the perfect choice, whether you are looking to add that finishing touch to any room, compliment your living space with our range of home fragrances, or show how much you care with something from our giftware collection.
Indulge yourself, and enhance your home with our range of wellbeing products, for your skin, bath, baby and home. Including the NEOM home fragrance collection, and Celtic Herbal's natural artisan products.
Add a touch of glamour, creative design, colour and style to your home with our collection of home accessories. From the addition of cushions or a throw, to our range of decorative photo frames and vases.
Whether you are looking for one of our wellbeing gift hampers, or something from our range of homeware accessories, our collection of giftware will show someone just how much you care.

Meet the Team

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Vicki Harris


Joanne Green


Meg Jay


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Cotton and Polycotton fibres?
Cotton, being a natural product, is more breathable and therefore more comfortable. Polycotton is man-made and, although it will crease less so may not require ironing, is less breathable and so may feel less cool and comfy.
Why is Egyptian Cotton more desirable for bedlinen?
Egyptian Cotton, sourced exclusively from the specific areas of the Nile Delta, has a longer staple and so will not fray or bobble as readily.
What does “Tog rating” mean for duvets?
The higher the tog, the warmer the duvet, so a 3 tog duvet will be lighter and cooler, whilst a 13.5 tog will keep you snug and warm in winter.
How do I know which depth of fitted sheet I need?
Measure your mattress at the corner, we stock sheets from 28cm to 38cm should have a size for everyone. Don’t forget to add the depth of your topper if you use one!
What is the difference between man-made and natural pillows and duvets?
Man-made duvets and pillows are usually blown hollowfibre, which means they are very lightweight whilst still adhering to their tog rating for warmth. They will be less breathable than “natural” duvets, but will feel light weight. 

Natural duvets, filled with either a mixture of feather and down or mostly down, will feel heavier and will therefore “hug” you in bed. However, a 100% down duvet will feel very lightweight, but keep you warm according to its tog rating.
What does “thread count” mean?
For sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers, we use “thread count” to indicate how many threads per square inch the fabric has. Generally, the higher the thread count the denser the weave and therefore the more long-lasting the fabric.
What is Sateen cotton?
Sateen is made from the mercerized fibres of any cotton plant, and woven in a satin weave, meaning multiple threads of the same direction dominate either surface. Sateen is sheeny, drapey, smooth, more delicate. The sateen (mercerizing) process allows higher thread count fabric to be softer.
Which towels are most absorbent?
Our Dock & Bay quick-drying towels are highly absorbent and come in bright patterns. However, our most sought-after towels are the Christy Renaissance which, at 675g Egyptian Cotton, are our heaviest and most luxurious towels.

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