We Believe Your Loyalty Should Be Rewarded

We’re very fortunate at Barretts to have a large number of very loyal customers, who come back to us year after year. We thought it was about time we gave something back, and the Barretts Reward Card does just that.

As a Barretts Reward scheme cardholder you will gain points every time you spend with us. And what do Points make? Well, genuine savings on store purchases actually!

As a Valued Reward Cardholder You Can Receive:

  • Reward Points for every £1 spent
  • Invitation to Reward Card events
  • Exclusive savings


Simply fill in your details on the opposite page and hand to a member of staff and start collecting Reward Points today!

You will automatically get 100 Joining Points. Plus, if you opt to receive our Newsletter via your email address we’ll reward you with 100 Reward Points. You’ll then always be the first to hear about any special offers, events or new promotions.

Spending Your Points

You’ll be amazed at how quickly your Reward Points add up and spending them couldn’t be easier. 

You can redeem points on anything worth £1 or over. And you can spend them when you next visit the store!

Checking Your Balance

Checking how many points you have is really simple - just ask any member of our friendly staff and they will tell you your latest balance from our till.

Also, we can display your balance on your receipt every time you make a purchase in the store.

Start collecting Reward Points today and reap the benefits!